Granzeau Family

About the Granzeau Family:

Gonzo Granzeau lives in Lombard.  He's a janitor, of the internet, maintaining web servers and such.   He likes to do gaming and movies.

Tim and Lib Granzeau live in Springfield, IL still.  Tim is a retired banker with expertise in bank funds management.  He became his Rotary Club's webmaster at 71 years old and completely redisign their website. He is also figuring out the Internet for the first time since 1969; he worked on the extranet at Stanford University at that time, the very first Granzeau to "login".  He began again, 20 years after his son told him about it.  He spends most of his time doing things for his local Rotary Club and tutoring reading for at risk children in a low income school with Lib for two afternoons each week.  

Lib has retired from the State of Illinois Traffic Safety Division finally and she is a nationally known expert in child passenger safety.  She is also the most honored employee ever at the Division of Traffic Safety being the first Illinois recipient of NHTSA first place award for her book on Division advancement.  She was also the first Illinois female to Chair the NHTSA annual meeiting. She also was the first female to be receive the Illinois Chief's of Police Association Hall of Fame recognition.  In retirement, as a volunteer child safety seat instructor and senior installer she opened a Child Safety Seat Program with participation from a Springfield automobile dealer; this has  been the busiest safety seat location in the State of Illinois.  She is also a designer and builder of large gingerbread houses with clear windows and internal lighting.

Updated News:

Tim Granzeau spent approximately 4 months writing a booklet detailing the last 100 year history of Rotary in the Springfield, Illinois area.  It covers the Rotary Club of Springfield South, Rotary Club of Springfield—Sunrise, Rotary Club of Springfield—Midtown, Rotary Club of Springfield—Westside, and is a part of Rotary International.

Peter Granzeau put together a Brief History of the Granzeau family up to all living relatives.