Granzeau Family

Peter Granzeau put together a Brief History of the Granzeau family up to all living relatives.

Tim Granzeau spent approximately 4 months designing document detailing the last 100 year history of Rotary in the Springfield, Illinois area.  It covers the Rotary Club of Springfield South, Rotary Club of Springfield—Sunrise, Rotary Club of Springfield—Midtown, Rotary Club of Springfield—Westside, and is a part of Rotary International.

About the Granzeau Family:

I would list more information on the Granzeaus, but I can't even get them to sign into this page.

Gonzo Granzeau lives in Villa Park with his wife Jessica.  He's a janitor, of the internet, maintaining web servers and such.   She is an underwriter.   He likes to do gaming, while she likes to do her nails. (Jessica's Hobby subject to change!)

Tim and Lib Granzeau live in Springfield, IL still.  Tim is retired and enjoying figuring out the Internet for the first time, 20 years after his son told him about it.  He spends most of his time doing things for his local Rotary Club.  Lib works for IDOT's Dept of Traffic Safety and she is a nationally known expert in child passenger safety and gingerbread houses.