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Art and Rhian Dolby

For a number of days, we have been trying to put into words what Rhian and Art Dolby meant to the Granzeau family.  From the early days living next door when Drew was born, to helping Tim and Barbara during her illness and death and then Rhian devoting every afternoon after school with Ben entertaining him with miniature porcelain figurines, helping him recover from the incredible loss of his mother with Drew just a baby.  And then Lib, Matt and Andy arrived!

Wary of this new group, Rhian and Art soon were soon won over and their hearts opened with room for three more.  So many stories, so many memories of birthdays and recitals, cuts, scrapes, car washes, trips to Swenson’s Ice Cream Shop, plays, prom pictures, graduations, weddings and on and on.

Each event captured on film or in our hearts and minds will forever remind us of their incredible love.  Each one of us has benefitted from the wisdom of Rhian and Art Dolby.  All of us have spent many hours at her knee seeking advice and counsel. 

There are so many special moments—each one precious to us.  One memory is of Colin, Andy’s son, walking hand in hand with Rhian while she explained their journey. This reminded Andy and his brothers of the many times they walked hand in hand with Rhian helping them with their journeys.

While this Springfield, Illinois family is incredibly sad and lost, we are grateful to Kathryn and her family each and every day for sharing her parents with us.  Not only did they serve as grandparents to us but they made us better people.  We will forever love them and treasure the memories.  Rhian, please have tea with our grandmothers.  Tell them all about us.  We love you and you will forever be in our hearts.