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Tim On USA Race Relations

The History of USA Race Relations Attest that Black Lives Matter

By: Tim Granzeau, Springfield, IL
June 14th, 2020, last revision June 25th, 2020

The USA was founded and grew under assumed racial supremacy.

Blacks have only had full citizenship rights for the last 50 years.

White supremacy, segregation, and racism have not been addressed.

Acknowledging and addressing these problems requires changes.

Acceptance of new cultural values is necessary for lasting racial harmony

The USA does have a record of  accepting new Cultural Values.

        Consider "Same Sex Marraige", "Sexual Harassmant" and "LBGQ Rights."

Federal, state, and local policies fortifying systemic discrimination.

The postwar GI Bill allowed whites to buy new suburban homes at $29 per month. Their wealth grew as homes appreciated. Blacks paid $60 to $100 per month for comparable inner-city flats while being denied VA and FHA home loans. By 1950, 55% of Americans owned their homes, while only 2% of government backed mortgages were owned by minorities.

That racial inequity continues to the present day with quiet redlining, predatory lending and high interest rates for Blacks. Few Blacks own homes and affirmative action policies have been all but eliminated. Voter suppression is the norm and individual state voting policies are no longer reviewed by the DOJ. We continue to deprive Blacks of voting rights.

Criminal justice policies permit deep racial inequities.

Driving While Black remains a systemic racial problem for black citizens.
Blacks are twice as likely to be pulled over even though on average whites drive more than Blacks. Many of these stops are not justified.
Blacks are four times as likely to be searched even though Blacks are less likely to have any contraband. A significant majority of these searches reveal no problems and Blacks receive fewer citations.

The Death Sentence: Confirmed by numerous studies.
Blacks killing a white person are three times as likely to receive the death penalty as a white person killing a Black person.

Police methods include military arms and police immunity regulations
Only police forces in the USA look like an invading army.
European police are deprived of military assault weapons.
Police discipline for negligence is highly limited by law and contracts.
Today, a large majority if police calls are for minor domestic issues.
We now have more policemen than social workers in the USA.

        Government policies continue to disproportionately penalize Blacks.
                Consider US, State and local guidelines on civil forfeiture, housing, judiciary, environment, health, education finance, and labor issues.

Many politicians have arguments to claim there is no systemic racism.

         Claim: Police actions are related only to actual rates of Black crime and/or people not following police orders, running away or resisting arrest.

Fact: Black crime plus poverty together do not explain the disparities

Fact: Lethal force is combined with inequitable patrolling in Black areas.

Fact: Cities use more lethal force in minority areas of their communities.

Fact: A white driver would not be handcuffed after cooperating with police.

Claim: New civil rights laws brought equality to black citizens.

Fact: Civil rights laws did not reverse economic disparities that continue with no legal redress for the past 20 years of legal bias.

Problems include pandemic, trade wars, job losses, and leadership.

Americans feel the anxiety, fear, purposeless and despair

Our leadership has no coherent or consistent policy. Do they care?

We need empathy, encouragement and thoughtful leaders.

Tragically our leader’s messages can be divisive, angry and self-serving.

Answers: Affirmative Action would accomplish more than reparations.

We should consider education, health, tax, housing, employment, business and community organization benefits to reverse inequalities over time.


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