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Basic Roast Chicken

Basic and Simple Whole Roasted Chicken by Tim


          3 1/2 Pound Air-Chilled whole chicken from Whole Foods - $3.00/Pd.

1 tsp. mayonnaise or preferred fat.

Preferred Seasoning:  

          Kosher or fine sea salt, pepper, adobo, creole or other.                                                                                                                        

                   Fresh lemon quarters or herbs


          Prep: Small roasting pan or 10" skillet.

                   Place a small rack in the pan to elevate the chicken.

                   Preheat oven to 450°F with the rack in the center.

Remove kidneys and excess fat with paper towels.

                   Clean excess fat from the tail end of the bird.                  

                   Dry the exterior of the bird with paper towels.


         Cook: Spread a teaspoon of mayo or preferred fat over the skin.

                   Season with Kosher or fine sea salt and fresh ground pepper.

                   You may want to add Adobo seasoning or Creole seasoning.

                   Place a few lemon quarters or sprigs of herbs in the chicken.

                   DO NOT TRUSS THE BIRD to allow heat inside the bird.


                   Place roaster in the oven with the BREAST SIDE DOWN.

                   After 20 to 30 minutes, check the color of the bird.

                   When the back is nicely browned, remove pan from the oven.

                   Rotate the bird to BREAST UP and place back in the oven.

                   After another 20 to 30 minutes


                   The internal temps of the thighs should be 160°F.

The breast should be 150¯F. If higher - Do not worry.


                   Let the bird rest on a carving pan. 

You will have time to make a pan sauce!