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Spatchcocked Chicken

Spatchcocked Chicken on a Skillet Roasting Rack

by Tim Granzeau

1. A heavy cooling rack that fits firmly makes a perfect roasting rack.  Spray rack with oil. (See Sources)

(Pct. 22 spraying the rack with oil – to be cropped on the top & a little on the bottom to fit)

2. Seasoned chicken breast

(Pct.21 seasoned chicken breast – to be cropped on the top and a little on the bottom to fit)

4. Slide finger forward to completely separate skin from the thigh meat.

(Pct.9 separate skin from thigh)

2. Lifting the skin completely free from the chicken breast to allows you to add herbs, seasoning or flavored butters.

(Pct. 7 open breast)

3. Insert a finger under skin of the thigh.

(Pct. 8 inserting finger under thigh skin)

5. Push drumstick end, hold the skin & pull the leg out to expose thigh and leg meat.

(Pct. 10 exposed thigh and leg)

6. Flip the leg out to season or herb the inside of the leg/thigh meat.

(Pct. 11 seasoned inside leg/thigh)

8. Pull the skin back across the thigh.

(Pct. 13 pull skin over thigh)

10. Roast at 425 with rack at the second lowest postion.  (A 3lb. chicken takes 35 minutes on convection in MY oven.)

(Pct. 17 Finished Chicken)

7. Turn the leg back in to season the outside of the thigh meat.

(Pct. 12 seasoned outside thigh)

9. Place the chicken on the skillet rack.

(Pct. 25 chicken on the skillet)

11. Remove rack to a trencher and use the skillet to make a pan sauce.  Your “curmudgeon” dressed for this picture.

(Pct. 27 Tim with the chicken)