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Mayonaise and Friends From Aioli to Baconaise and Beyond!



Aoli presents one significant challenge:  Garlic phenols may get bitter if whipped with EVOO.

Solution: Begin with rod blending canola and follow with hand whisking in EVOO

Tim’s Idea:  Microplane the Garlic and add lemon juice before making the one minute mayo with a Rod Blender!

Does it work???

Baconaise:  Wonderful on a burger or BLT

        Use the one-minute hand blender method to make Mayo.

Change the Oil to half bacon and half canola.  Yes, this requires warming the bacon fat and mixing it with the canola.  I will remain in that liquid form for lots of time to make the Baconaise.

Beyond:  Chickenaise, Beefaioli, Duckenaise.

        These require more canola and less animal fat. Go for it!

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