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Mayonaise and Friends From Aioli to Baconaise & Beyond!

Homemade Mayonnaise

Pasteurize Eggs: 

                    Note: Pasteurize more eggs than necessary

Have a pot of 148F water, extra boiling water

and a pot of ice water ready.

Carefully add a strainer with all of the eggs to the 145F water.

                    Maintain water at 145F for 5 minutes

                    Lift all eggs with strainer and place in a pot of ice water.

Prepare to make Mayo:

Equipment: Rod blender and a two-cup jar with narrow diameter available for the processing.  A tall Yeti cup is a good choice.

                    Prep:          Fine Microplane one lemon peel – mince finely

                                       Microwave one clove garlic to very soft and smear

                                       Strain lemon juice into small measuring beaker

                    Place Ingredients into blending cup:

                              two egg yolks      (Reserve whites in a second bowl.)

                              two tsps               Dijon mustard or to taste

                              Fresh strained lemon juice

                   Whip with a whisk or fork to blend

                             Add finely ground sea salt to taste (1 tsp)

                              Add finely ground black pepper to taste (1/2 tsp)

                             Add lemon peel

                             Add Gochujang to taste  (1 inch)

                   Stir to blend

                             Add 1 ½ cups of Canola oil.

                  Blend with the rod blender in bottom of cup.

                           Lift very slowly after emulsion forms.

                           Slow speed to fully blend all ingredients.


          Adjust flavor and texture with lemon, salt, pepper and egg whites


If emulsion fails, start over with fresh egg yolks.


Aoli presents one significant challenge:  Garlic phenols may get bitter if whipped with EVOO.

Solution: Begin with rod blending canola and follow with hand whisking in EVOO

Tim’s Idea:  Microplane the Garlic and add lemon juice before making the one minute mayo with a Rod Blender!

Does it work???

Baconaise:  Wonderful on a burger or BLT

        Use the one-minute hand blender method to make Mayo.

Change the Oil to half bacon and half canola.  Yes, this requires warming the bacon fat and mixing it with the canola.  I will remain in that liquid form for lots of time to make the Baconaise.

Beyond:  Chickenaise, Beefaioli, Duckenaise.

        These require more canola and less animal fat. Go for it!