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We Want Recipes Defying Reality by TIM

Culinary Conundrums

Sous Vide chicken stock:  Recipe to follow

Epicurean Aenigmas

Using left over chicken bones:  Is it appropriate?

The answer:  YES BUT - you must bring the left-over bones to a simmer in a stockpot.  You might even add aromatics.

Connoisseur Caprice

The perfect wine with Artichokes:  Cynar Spritz

Gastro Gallimaufry

Beef brisket tartar:  Tender takes a new meaning. 

Poaching Palaver

Melted fennel sauce:  How do you melt Fennel?     Note: This was directly from a St. Louis restaurant.  I think the answer is acetone!

                    Senseless Slicing

Tomato Carpaccio

                   Sumptuous Sauce

                             Béchamel:  Why is there always too much?