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Vote 2020

My name is Gonzo Granzeau, I'm a high end computer person.  As I get older, I seem to care more about politics.   I support progressive candidates for all offices.  I believe we can do more together.  I believe that there is no alternative to strong government, as weak government allows large mutli-national corporations to take over control of parts of our United States.

You are not a capitalist unless you own the company outright.   You are not a capitalist unless you own a controlling interest in a on-going effort to bring in funds for you.  You are not a capitalist unless you completely control property and can raise capital based on that.  Yes, you might own a house with a mortgage, but the bank owns it. You 'have a good job', but your employment is at the whim of the people in charge.  You are but one sickness and one unemployment away from losing everything for which you fought so hard.  You are a serf.  I personally know three people I would considered true capitalists. (Hi John!)  All three of them are at the mercies of larger enterprises that can destroy them with easy actions.

Your job will be automated.  Nearly all jobs will be automated at some point in the near future with some closer than others.  Truck drivers by 2023, I think.  CSRs by 2030 for sure.  I'm super passionate about this point.

I recognize the founding fathers didn't believe in equality.  Most of you reading this might not have been able to vote when they were in charge. I believe we have evolved to consider all people as individuals and deserve rights.  Rights shouldn't belong to only white, land owning, christian, male Americans. It's a sad justification for equality, but you only have to try food from a culture to understand that all cultures have value.

I believe in the rights contained in the constitution and the bill of rights.  And government should be responsive to We The People and not to large corporations giving unlimited amounts of cash.  And we should pass more amendments that give people rights, such as privacy.

I don't think the second amendment fills the purpose it was intended for anymore.  It will get overturned unless proper gun regulations are put in place.  Things such as mandatory training, proper militias that provide you with group insurance, registration tied to your militias, and generally better efforts on forcing 'lone crazy people' to have to interact with others.  I love shooting guns but not at the expense of loss of life.  A good guy with a gun dies to a bad guy with a gun if he's surprised, unfortunately.  There are a lot examples of this happening.  Gun bans will end up with all semi-autos.  I'm fine with 5 round mags, the spring in my Glock 19 is too strong anyway to put all rounds in anymore.  We brought this on ourselves after having zero response to the huge amounts of gun deaths.  Things cannot remain the same, especially with the lack of resources for the ATF.

Black Lives Matter.  The people who don't understand what that means are generally the ones who don't think there is a problem, and they are the problem.  Cops should be held to a super high standard when dispensing 'justice'. Cops never kill guilty people as all people are presumed innocent by the law.  All the power to all the people!

I used to be an independent.  You can look at my mixed voting history for that.  I had a really bad run of libertarian-ism because I thought the world was fair, but it isn't. However, because the Republican party has been bought by large corporations and the rich.   I can no longer back them, even if it might financially benefit myself in some small ways.  They don't support a free internet, they don't support working people, they don't support you unless you own large companies.  I believe that if you support Republican causes and you are not able to go without employment for 2 years, you are literally stupid for not understanding that you are voting against your own self-interest.

I supported Bernie Sanders in the 2020 primary (and 2016!).  I also enjoyed what Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris said. I support Joe Bidden for president this time around.

I hope to expand this page in the future to other political causes.  Not that anyone cares, anywhere, but meh.

Current list of supported charities:
If you've bothered to read this far, there is a good chance I'd volunteer to buy you dinner with me, assuming the pandemic has passed.  Let me know what type of food you are interested in and we can hang out, talk politics, and I'll pay for it if you're not a jerk.  Email follows the usual pattern of nickname at my last name dot com, let me know.

And I don't know you, but I generally love all people.