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Gonzo Granzeau

Someone pointed out that I don't have a page for myself.  Suppose I will work on it at some point.  But a quick one.  Will start grabbing stories I ahve from facebook/reddit etc, so I don't have to constantly rewrite.

Usual details.
In lieu of that, a couple short things I've wrote about myself.  I guess I'll work on adding more.

GoNINzo at PlanetQuake alpha testing quake III arena

In the late 90's, I was working for GameSpy, supporting server lists and the chat system. I was invited to id software by Disruptor to alpha test Quake III Arena. Three actual celebrities were invited, Blue from BluesNews, Scary from Shacknews, and RonSolo, all of who ran large gaming news sites that were popular then. We were there for QuakeCon anyway, but they wanted to see how we did.

They put us and like 4 devs in standard deathmatch, like Disruptor, Tim Willits, and John Cash. I dominated for the first bit because I had the best video card machine, but was also a good rail gunner at the time. Most importantly, they were testing locational damage. So, if you shot a weapon in the head it would do extra damage. Because I was a decent rail gunner, was good at getting up close with a double barrel shotgun, and had been playing a lot of counter strike, I did quite well. They also had this weird red aura that would come from where you were shot, which was super annoying and huge, making it hard to see. I also remember being an annoying kid cause I was still young then, pretty sure I annoyed my IRC friend Disruptor.

Afterwards, Anna Kang and John Cash asked us what we thought of it. I really loved the engine, thought the game play was fun, pointed out that red armor didn't matter when you would head shot people with the rail gun, pointed to other games in the marketplace that did what they did a bit better. Anna seemed extremely appreciative, gave me a keychain that I still have to this day, and that was it, we went back to quakecon. I'm pretty sure they removed locational damage from Q3A because of me, because of that session, I know I annoyed everyone with my railgunning. John Carmack was there, I thanked him for the alpha test, we talked briefly about it because so many people were following him around. The real highlight afterwards was John Cash spotting me at quakecon and running over to me. That was very neat.