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Matt Suchomski

This is a page for Matt Suchomski, initially created by his brother.  (Gonzo is working on getting a picture up here of him, as I think Matt is awesome.)

Matthew Robert Suchomski grew up in Springfield, IL, went to Springfield High School.  Our families were joined when Gonzo's dad married Matt's mom, and we are brothers.

Matt has lived a good life.  He's had some adventures.  He's traveled a bit.  He's done some things of note, some not so much.  He works hard.  Some things work out, some things do not.  He knows a little bit about a lot of things, so he is exceptional at trivia.  He can cook like a mutha...

If you have further questions, he is also happy to answer them.  Just email him!

He should be helping with the Recipes archive.  (ed. Please)

He also has a couple IMDB records: Matthew Suchomski IMDB page

Had an article written about him from the State Journal Register: Matthew Suchomski SJR article

Hopefully, other articles and news stories about him can appear here as he wants to.

He also knows that this is a very generous and lovely attempt to help him.  He is very appreciative of it.